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  Travel Tips for MG  


Cruising Tips


  • If you or someone in your party needs special equipment such as a scooter, wheelchair, lift, oxygen, beach wheelchair, CPAP, nebulizer, power chair, walking aide let your vacation specialist Dawn Warner know at the time of booking.  These are things that can enhance your ability to move around the ships.  Most ocean cruise lines have cabins that will accommodate scooters, wheel chairs and power chairs.  Please provide me with the person’s weight when requesting a scooter or wheelchair. River cruises are not equip to accommodate a wheelchair, scooter or power chair. 
  • Make your vacation specialist Dawn aware of any dietary needs such as vegan, gluten free or kosher.  The ships as well as resorts have countless options however we like to know these things in advance to ensure a better experience. 

  • If you have food allergies it is imparative you let Dawn know and she will make special arrangments for your meal.  In a pinch, if you for some unknown reason did not book your vacation with Dawn she recommends you limit your meals to the main dining room where your assigned wait staff will know who you are.  Let them know what allergies you have an they will ensure you get food that will not cause a reaction for you. Avoiding the buffet is recommended.

  • Pace yourself on the ocean cruise ships as there can be a lot of walking on the mega ships but don’t worry you will find lots to do along the way.

  • If you are new to cruising you may want to wear an anti-nausea wristbands (BioBands, Motion Relief Bands and Sea-Band).  Also consider packing ginger candy or ginger capsules.  There is even a product called queazy pops!  Acupuncture and anti-nausea patches are available on most cruise ships. 

  • If you have never cruised I recommend asking for a cabin in the middle of the ship.

  • Rest is alway best. Find your spot on the lido deck but be sure to stay hydrated.  Switch to outside chairs that offer covering to help avoid muscle fatigue. 

  • Consider a cooling vest or cooling towel. You may find the cooling towels and cooling headbands are easier to pack.

  • The water on the ship is safe to drink!  The water is filtered and required to be safe.  Because you may be traveling to countries were the water isn’t safe I recommend bringing a Brita water bottle with you.  In some places the bottle water is coming from the tap and isn’t very safe.  This adds an additional level of protection for you.

  • Most cabins will have a mini refrigerator for you to store your medicine.  Do not store your medicine in the bathroom to avoid accidents. Your cabin will have a desk, table or night stand for you to keep your medication organized.







  • Contact your doctor before flying or traveling period.
  • Make your reservations well in advance. 
  • Purchase travel protection.
  • Inform the airline if you need assistance boarding. 
  • If you are a slow walker order the wheelchair assistance to help you navigate the airports.  This will help to conserve your energy. Some of the airports are very large and can drain your energy before you have a chance to enjoy your trip.
  • Request a seat with lift-up arms for easier transfer from the aisle to your seat if you are in a wheelchair. 
  • Check your wheelchair or scooter at the boarding gate and label equipment with your name and address. 
  • Ask for help putting your luggage in the overhead bin if your arms are feeling weak.
  • Sanitize your tray table and armlift to avoid picking up harmful germs that cold impact your immune system.
  • Before landing, remind flight attendants that you need your equipment brought to the gate.

 Homeopathic Medical Kit:
Take homeopathics when you travel.  They are easy to pack and will not interact with your current medications! I am partical to the Boiron or Newton homeopathic brands.  Use as directed.

Tabacum – Motion sickness with cold sweat improved by fresh air
Borax – Motion sickness triggered by acceleration or takeoff
Petroleum – Chapped or cracked fingertips
Cocculus indicus – Motion sickness with a need to lie down
Nux vomica – Heartburn or drowsiness due to excessive eating or drinking
Arnica montana – Muscle pain, stiffness, swelling from injuries, bruises



  • Because myasthenia gravis can be unpredictable I recommend getting the CANCEL FOR ANY REASON travel protection.  This helps to protect your travel investment in the event of flare up or MG crisis prior to your trip.  Some cruise lines have non-refundable deposits.

  • Give a copy of your travel plans to family or friends in event of an emergency or as a precaustion.

  • Take as many rest breaks as you can during your vacation

  • Stay hydrated when you are out in the sun and wear your sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat

  • If you are on a tour let the tour operator know you are a slow walker.  It is perfectly okay and they understand

  • Do not select excursion that will require repetitive motions like canoeing if you are experiencing weakness

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear a life vest when snorkeling or doing water activities

  • If you are traveling to a theme park or resort a scooter rental is recommended

  • Make sure someone traveling with you is aware were your medication is stored in the event of an emergency

  • Pack an electric toothbrush and back-up medication

  • Remember to bring your medication and take it as scheduled 

  • Use a lightweight back pack or even consider a hydration backpack to give you quicker access to water

  •  Use a cooling vest or towel to help you avoid getting over heated. They are available on Amazon

  • Make sure you have a medical alert bracelet or necklace on at all times

  • Consider adding a medical alert to your backpack.  These are also available on Amazon.

  • Get a hotel room close to the elevator  

  • Try to book only one excursion per day to help conserve your energy 

HAVE FUN Help crete Myasthenia Gravis awareness!!
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